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uPM60 Pulse Oximeter

uPM60 Pulse Oximeter

The uPM60 is a Pulse Oximeter included in pulse oximetry and pulse rate technology. Designed to provide fast, reliable SpO2, and PR measurements. It is a portable device for spot-checking, and monitoring adult, pediatric and neonate patients. It can be used in the hospital, clinical environment, home healthcare, and during emergencies and transportation.

Features of uPM60 Pulse Oximeter

3.5’Large size color touchscreen,320X480pixels.
Two types of power supply: AC charger or 4400mAh Lithium-lon Battery.
Three measurement modes: spot-check, monitoring, and record.
Continuous storage of data for 999 patient data in 120 hours.
Data can be stored on a computer and managed, analyzed, and printed with a data analysis system.
Silent sleep monitoring, with data storage and automatic power-saving features for patients with 24 uninterrupted care.
Suitable for adults, pediatric and neonate patients.