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Master Ultra High Throughput Closed Microwave Digestion Extraction Workstation

1. Biological science

2. Chemical science

3. Pharmaceutical engineering

4. Plastic analysis

5. Agriculture and food safety

6. Metallurgical

7. Environmental science

Master Ultra High Throughput Closed Microwave Digestion Extraction Workstation

MASTER serial ultrahigh throughput microwave digestion/extraction workstation was launched in 2012. MASTER cavity is versatile for 16-vessel independent frame-type high pressure digestion rotor, 18-vessel carousel integrated ultrahigh pressure digestion rotor, 40/100-vessel ultrahigh throughput carousel rotor and 14-200ml-vessel carousel large capacity rotor etc., meets different experiment application requirements. Other core technologies including airplane Xtra Fiber digestion outer vessel, quantitative Safety Bolt patented design, UTH-Caro design of high throughput carousel, unique piezoelectric crystal pressure measuring technology and Uni-Turn technology of one direction continuous rotation of digestion rotor in chamber, etc.

1. Explosion-proof outer vessel made of composite Xtra Fiber.

2. Advanced and reliable pressure measuring technology by piezoelectric crystal. 

3. The temperature inside the digestion vessel can be controlled by the combination of precise measure of temperature inside master vessel and IR temperature scanning 

4. High throughput rotor with optional strong magnetic stirring function specially for extraction or synthesis 

5. 200ml vessels for large volume sampling.

6. Wireless remote visual monitoring system make reaction be clear at a glance.

7. 100-vessel ultrahigh throughput closed microwave digestion vessel and carousel breakthrough products for the industry.

8. This MASTER series product, may suit different digestion vessel sets and satisfy the requirements of users in different industries and application areas.

9. Industrial chamber structure, safer operation.