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DW-TC6030 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

DW-TC6030 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

Fully automated chemistry analyzers are used for carrying out a range of diagnostic functions, such as routine analysis of albumin, creatinine, glucose, bilirubin, and inorganic phosphorus. These are also used for conducting assays for evaluating thyroid function, lipids, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse, and more.

Features of DW-TC6030 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

Fully automatic, discrete, random STAT function
Online test items: at most 40 testing items
Throughput: 260 tests/hour
Analysis Method: end-point, kinetic, two-point, double-reagents, double-wavelength, multi-standard etc, open to various reagents
Data Processing: memory of up to 200,000 patients’ data
2. QC
Various QC managements, insert QC randomly; save, display & print QC chart; define different QC in advance
3. Calibration
Calibration: linear/nonlinear multi-point calibration
Re-test: retest the sample automatically when the result is out of the linearity range or the sample is not sufficient
4. Cleaning System
8-step automatic washing, automatic cuvette dry function
5. Automatic Cuvette blank testing
Automatic wash selected cuvettes
Real-time online monitoring running status of the cuvette
Real-time online monitoring running status of sample tray, reagent tray cuvette
Real-time online monitoring of reagent residual volume
Real-time online monitoring of waste volume
Automatic dilute and re-test when absorbance range is over the range
Automatic dilute and re-test when the linear limit is over the range
Three modes (no dilute, auto-dilute, and handwork dilute) are available
Freely set the auto-dilute ratio and dilute water position
Freely set the auto-dilute ratio when re-testing
“No dilute” re-testing mode is available