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DW-18N Vertical Freeze Dryer

DW-18N Vertical Freeze Dryer

N series vertical freeze drying machine is compact, with large-scale freeze dryer flexibility, less space, can handle more flexible samples, cost-effective. Suitable for small laboratory, and can choose a variety of configurations.


1. Accord to international standards of Green environmental-friendly;
2. 7″True-color Touch Screen, English Bilingual Interface, display drying curve, and history curve;
3. U disk Can store lyophilized data;
4. Upload software can print curves;
5. Embedded circuit design, 128 MFLASH, can save dozen times Lyophilized data;
6. Large opening trap, no coil inside, with samples pre-freeze function;
7. Imported refrigeration compressor, low noise;
8. The cold trap and control panel were made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean;
9. TransparentBell type drying room, secure and ocular;
10. Stainless steel sample holder, common sample plate spacing adjustable;
11. Small size and easy to operate;
12. Nitrogen inflation valve within.


Ordinary type: suitable for bulk materials, liquid and solid dry
Top-Press type: suitable for Schering bottled material drying, can achieve sample vacuum pressure package. Contains the general type of use function.
Ordinary multi manifold type: suitable for a variety of different materials, small freeze-dried, and can be linked to freeze-dried bottles, eggplant bottles, and jars.
Top-Press multi-manifold type: This contains the function of ordinary multi-manifold type, and can achieve the sample vacuum pressure package, to meet the vast majority of the laboratory technical requirements.