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DW-ORE Series Oil Dual-Purpose Rotary Evaporator

DW-ORE Series Oil Dual-Purpose Rotary Evaporator

1. Big LCD screen with menu interface displaying several data; rotary switch easy to operate.
2. Heating bath with Teflon coating, which is easy to clean, anti-corrosive, and high temperature resistant as well.
3. Unattended mode with safe operation function, which is in automatic standby mode after the experiment.
4. Special design of bottle pulling switch, which is easy to disassemble the evaporation flask.
5. Sealing is made up of imported PTFE with special technique.
6. Both screen touch control and button press automatic lifting are available, easy and safe to use.
7. DC rotating motor of 70w power starts steadily.
8. Vertical condenser with drip point design prevents backflow.
9. Intermittent positive and negative rotating function with timer function for drying process.
10. Optional: vacuum controller for precise control of vacuum degree.
11. Heating bath with safe handle, which is heat insulated and prevents scald.
12. Oil and water heating bath in medium size for flash distillation, whose temperature range is from room temperature to 210℃.