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DW-LC1620A Liquid Chromatography

DW-LC1620A Liquid Chromatography

Liquid Chromatography uses the mixture in liquid-solid or immiscible between the two liquid distribution ratio differences, the mix of the first separation, then analysis and identification of the instrument.

High-pressure pump
UV detector
C18 column

1. A superior high-pressure pump achieves accurate solvent delivery with high precision and low fluctuation.
2. Advanced and innovative design modules provide high reliability and accuracy for long time operation.
3. The pump works in parallel and ensures accuracy and duration.
4. Different kinds of detectors, including UV/VIS detectors and refractive index detectors, etc., provide stronger detection capability and more options.
5. Pumping system: Isocratic system and gradient system.
6. UV Detector for routine analysis/ RID for universal detection in isocratic analysis, especially necessary in the GPC system.
7. All maintenance parts are accessible from the front panel for quick replacement without disassembling the instrument
8. The monitoring system will stop the pump if pre-limit pressure is exceeded
9. All components are controlled intelligently through a workstation
10. Multiple data analysis functions, flexible peak identification, and data management, etc.