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DW-KDN-D Series Digital Display Program Temperature Control Digestion Furnace

UT100 Handheld Pulse Oximeter

DW-KDN-D series digital display temperature control digestion furnace is designed for users who need to digest Kjeldahl nitrogen samples in batches, and can digest multiple samples at the same time. This device is simple, high digestion efficiency, ideal measurement results, easy to use and maintenance, is an ideal digestion device for users.

Features of DW-KDN-D Series

1. The heating method adopts infrared quartz tube, strong acid and alkali resistance, anti-burst, long life;
2. Temperature control using a new generation of digital display temperature control instrument, control temperature constant, easy to operate;
3. Small temperature deviation between furnace holes, good consistency of sample digestion, high thermal efficiency(The heating speed is fast and the sample digestion time is short.)
4. The instrument is made of stainless steel plate material, anti-corrosion;
5. Each group can be customized to set 30 sections of temperature and time gradient, can be set step temperature rise or linear temperature rise, timing alarm function, to meet customers’ different experimental needs;
6. Sewage sealing ring using PTFE material, strong acid and alkali resistance, sealing effect is good, enhance the overall service life of the instrument;
7. There is an observation port, which can be opened at any time to check the digestive state of the sample.