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DW-B Digital Vertical Autoclave

DW-B Digital Vertical Autoclave

Advanced Functions of DW-GR Series Vertical Autoclave

1. Smart microcomputer control
"Inspiration" high speed microcomputer control, not only to monitor and control the whole process, but also to update the function in the future.
2. Program Memory storage system
User can set their own program, and save it in the system.
3. Calibration interface
Offer temp. and pressure interface, together with the 3Q adapter joints, can insert max 15 sensors one time to do the calibration work
4. Saturated steam monitoring
The system automatically monitors the purge out of cold air to ensure the pure steam environmentk
5. Auto water fill(only for DF, DR models)
Equipped with automatic water feeding function, standard is with 28L water tank at the back to store water, the option is direct water supply by pipe connection from water source while manufacturing.
6. Biosafety function(only for DAS, DFS, DRS)
Use a 0.2 μm PTFE filter packed in housing to ensure that no biohazard aerosols, microorganisms, and viruses are passing out through the filter during exhausting, so as to make sure the biology DAfety of the lab.
7. Monitor of exhaust filter( only for DAS, DFS, DRS)
Exhaust filter is put inside a pressure-resistant housing (stainless steel material) with an extra PT100 temperature sensor to monitor the temperature, so as to make sure the filter and housing are also being sterilized thoroughly, and will not lead to secondary biohazard pollution.
8. SUS316L Stainless steel(Option)
Stronger corrosion, longer service life, and greater pressure resistance.
9. Humanized permission management
The management of the autoclave is classified into 3 levels,user-administrator- engineer, to make sure proper proper usage.
10. Agar program
Can heat up, melt, warm the agar, or be used as a chamber preheating function
11. Waste program
Special waste program to sterilize the waste thoroughly
12. Auto start-up appointment
Can make an appointment in 0- 15 days
13. Fully automatic drying( only for DR models)
Can set drying temp. and drying time. After sterilization, water will be drained out automatically, then an inbuilt pump will supply clean air into the chamber through an air filter.
14. Air filter( only for DR models)
Filtration is higher than 99.99% in particles with a diameter of 0.2 μm.
15. LCD/USB/APP/Smart management system(Option)
LCD:5 inch LCD screen to show information in words
USB: to help to store and transfer the sterilization data
APP: Remote management APP(only in China)
Smart management system: linked with LIMIS/SCADA system(only in China)
16. Auto drainage(option)/Auto cleaning(only for DF/DR)
Added with a water pump, press the drainage button to start drainage, or set it to timed automatic drainage.
17. Condenser(Option)
Equipped with a professional condenser, the steam generated during the sterilization process is converted into water through the condenser, achieving zero discharge of water vapor/mist.