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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer DW-200

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer DW-200

Integrated flame/graphite furnace atomization system, changeable with flame emission burner

Automatically controlled changeover of the integrated flame and graphite furnace atomizer featuring easy operation and time-saving eliminate human labor.
A flame emission burner head can be installed to perform flame emission analysis on Alkali metals such as K, Na, etc.

Accurate fully automated control system

Automatic 6-lamp turret, automatic adjustment of lamp current, and optimization of light beam position.
Automatic wavelength scanning and peak picking
Automatic spectral bandwidth changing
Automatic changeover between flame and graphite furnace operation,  automatic optimization of position parameters, automatic ignition, and automatic gas flow setting

Reliable fully automatic graphite furnace analysis

Adopting FUZZY-PID and dual curve mode light-controlled temperature control technique, temperature auto-correction technique, ensures fast heating, good temperature reproducibility, and high analytical sensitivity.  The temperature control accuracy is less than 1%.
Graphite furnace with pneumatic control and pressure lock ensures constant pressure and reliable contact.
The multi-function auto sampler features automatic standard sample preparation, automatic correction of sampling probe depth, automatic tracing, and correction of liquid surface height in the sample vessel, with a sampling accuracy of 1% and reproducibility of 0.3%, realizing full automation of graphite furnace analysis.

Perfect safety protection measures

Alarm and automatic protection to fuel gas leakage, abnormal flow, insufficient air pressure, and abnormal flame extinction in the flame system;
Alarm and protection function to insufficient carrier gas and protective gas pressure, insufficient cooling water supply, and overheating in a graphite furnace system.

Advanced and reliable electronic design

Adopting large-scale programmable logic array and Inter I2C bus technology
European-type sockets and AMP adapters with high reliability to ensure long-term reliability of the whole electronic system.

Easy and practical analysis software

Easy-to-use AAS analysis software is made under the Windows operating system, realizing fast parameter setting and optimization.
Automatic sample dilution, automatic curve fitting, automatic sensitivity correction.
Automatic calculation of sample concentration (content), mean value, standard deviation, and relative standard deviation calculation.
Multi-elements determination in sequence to the same sample.
Measured data and final results can be printed out and edited in Excel format.